Top 5 Tips For Amazing Oral Sex

Almost all men I know are really like oral sex, and they say that oral sex is the most effective and efficient way to wake his penis. Based on the testimony of several friends, on average it takes 3-5 minutes for the penis since it was first performed oral sex until the penis erect and ready to fulfill its duties.


Oral sex can be intimidating to anyone who hasn’t tried it before but as long as you know a few simple do’s and dont’s, no man is going to mind you practicing on him.

 Blow Job Do’s and Dont’s!

blowjob do`s and dont`s

Blow Job Do’s: 

  • Do lick and kiss the cock like you would a delicious treat.
  • Do hold his member firmly in your hands. Although a cock needs to be treated gently, most do like a firm grip as it simulates the tightness of a vagina.
  • Do pay attention to the whole groin area. Kiss, lick and suck all areas down there. Make him beg for you to finally start on his dick!
  • Do play very gently with his balls. Balls are like the forgotten step children of the genital region. So cup them softly in your hands when sucking his cock, he’ll love you for it. Feel free to lick and suck on them as well.
  • Do remember that spit is your friend when it comes to oral sex. The more saliva is on his cock and your hands, the smoother you can rub your hand and your mouth up and down his cock.

Blow Job Dont’s: 

  • Don’t ever bite a man’s penis. For obviously reasons biting a man’s dick will not go over well (it hurts!).
  • Don’t blow into a cock. The term “blow job” is very misleading. It really should be called a suck job. Blowing into a man’s penis is actually dangerous since if air made it into his blood stream it could actually give him a stroke!
  • Don’t scratch or pinch his penis. For the same reasons as biting is bad, a penis is VERY sensitive and doesn’t like these things.
  • Don’t pull his pubic hair. Again, for obviously reasons, it hurts.
  • Don’t bend the penis to awkward angles. The dick is not a stick shift, bending it towards the floor or too far to either side can hurt the sensitive cartilage inside.
  • Do not kiss him after he’s cum. Some men don’t care, but others do and really, can you blame them?
 Certain blow job actions are considered winners no matter who’s dick you’ve got in your hand.

Top 5 Tips For Amazing Oral Sex

blowjob action

Top 5 Tips For Amazing Oral Sex

1 . Cleanliness

Cleanliness is very important that they are comfortable performing oral sex . Not only make him uncomfortable to try it, but also to explore. Imagine how uncomfortable this activity if your sex organs smells bad !Do not forget that the tongue will play a role here . So , take a bath and wash down there . Remember that the daily activities of man have led to the area down there is becoming less attractive to women .If necessary , take a bath alone with him so that you both experience the exciting foreplay .Tips last , although it is not necessary to shave all the hair , at least do not let too dense down there .Just as a man who likes women who are full of beauty , a little nicety will be very supportive !

2 . Create a cozy atmosphere

This is very important ! For most women , oral is very important . Make it a comfortable situation , waking a good mood for couples .For men , ask a position where he relaxes . Just for tips , not all women are like when you stand up and expect down there , then you are the king felt hands on her hips , or when your partner is doing .You also can not go around encouraging more couples to head in swallowing .Hey ! Women can have a choke you ! Do not be influenced most of the movies you watch , not all women can be like that !

3 . Prepares flavor

In general , a lot of women who do not like when they have to swallow the sperm , but maybe the guy can make it taste more interesting . Did you know that what you eat is very influential man in the taste of sperm ?If men like to eat vegetables , this is very good for her , why ? Because of the sperm will be not very sharp .If you are not ready to just eat vegetables without meat , try to consume fruits like kiwi , watermelon , pineapple , and celery can also relieve sperm .In fact , try to eat plums , blueberries , cranberries because it will make it taste becomes sweeter .Just info , beer and coffee will be made ​​into a slightly bitter taste .

4 . Create game

Okay , let's say your partner woman still did not like it , maybe you can modify by giving foods such as chocolate sauce , whipped cream , or other food that is spread over the target area and also in other areas in addition to the game .

5 . Ask the impression

This is the most important thing . Do not forget to ask an impression , even if it needs to be flattered him with a sentence that is highly praised because you have treated like a king . Although he is doing is not that great , but your partner has been trying .
Do not forget to also give a small hint by saying " next time you go to the left a bit " or anything else with a sweet smile .Reassure him that it was better, but it would be better if the position over there .

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