How to Tighten A Vagina - 2 Very Effective Ways

So how do you tighten your vagina? Is there an effective way to do so?

There are 2 very effective ways on how to tighten vagina;

1.Vagina Surgery -

-Known to be the most effective way and also the most expensive one.

2. Using Natural Cream Products -

-Using cream products has been practiced for a long time already mostly in asian countries, for they are always known to be the main users of natural products. unlike Surgery, natural products can give you the control you need on how tight you want your vagina to be since the cream can be applied anytime you like.Surgery can give you great results which the can make your vagina as tight as it was when you are in high school, But the frequently asked questions to this process is that how long is the tightness gonna last? will it loosen up in a few years?

Natural Cream Products has an advantage of giving you results to which you can control the tightness you want and you can use it safey and anytime when you will the tightness has gone its way again.

How do I use it?

a.) Wash your hand with soap Use a small towel to clean your vagina with lukewarm water.

b.) Wipe it until dry and clean

c.) Use your finger tip and scoop up the cream about the size of your whole fingernail Insert your finger 3/4 way into your vagina and apply the cream onto your vagina wall evenly

d.) Wash your hand with soap and cover the Jar

Results for this will be amazing and effective, you just have to apply it religiously and stop when you get the tightness that you want to.

NOTE: Please do not use during menstruation period.

By Wendy Witter