Signs of Sex Addiction

Sexual expression is an indispensable part of life and has become nature for humans as biological beings . However , if the expression or the urge was so strong and often sex becomes more dominant than in health , job , or relationship so that your life becomes impaired , it may be you have compulsive sexual behavior ( compulsive sexual behavior / CSB ) .In medical terms , compulsive sexual behavior is also often called hiperseks , nymphomania or erotomania . There is also a mention of sex addiction or a sex maniac . But the last two terms are usually related or refer to the high sexual activity in conjunction with the use of alcohol , drugs , or gambling .

According to the explanation in the Mayo Clinic website , compulsive sexual behavior is generally considered as a disorder experienced by a person in control of impulses or sex drive .As a result of this disorder , a person unable to resist the temptation or urge to commit an act that will harm yourself or others . At this sexual disorder , normal behavior is supposed to be fun can turn into a habit that extreme .Whatever the term , compulsive sexual behavior is a serious problem that can interfere with a person's life and even health threatening . But with treatment and support programs , CSB can actually be controlled so that one can build a healthier sex life .

Recognize the symptoms

 CSB symptoms vary widely , both in type and severity. The urge to sink into this compulsive behavior can be chronic and powerful , and may feel out of control . In general , symptoms of compulsive sexual behavior can be identified from the patterns of behavior following :* Having multiple sex partners or extramarital affair legitimate .* Having sex with a new partner of unknown or prostitution services* Avoiding emotional involvement in sexual relationships* Using a commercial service that indulgence in sexuality over the phone or internet* Masturbation with frequencies very often .* Most of the time look or use pornographic materials .* Having sex is masochism and sadism .* Exposing or exhibiting sexuality to the public ( exhibitionism )People who experience CSB often use sex as an escape from other problems , such as loneliness , depression , anxiety or stress . He also will let himself be involved sexual risk behavior , although aware of the consequences such as heart disease , sexually transmitted disease , or loss of relationships with loved ones .Men and women with CSB may be married or in a serious relationship . They seem to live a normal life , but it really is not . In fact , they often have difficulty creating and maintaining emotional intimacy . They then seek satisfaction through sexual behavior , but it needs tend not to be achieved so that their lives feel empty . CSB can also be experienced by anyone regardless of sexual preference , whether heterosexual , homosexual , or bisexual .causeSo far , scientists have not been able to ascertain what the causes of CSB . Scientific research on sex addiction is still fairly new , and experts are still investigating the possibility of multiple causes , among others :* Brain abnormalities . Disease or certain medical conditions likely to cause damage to the brain that affect sexual behavior . Diseases such as multiple sclerosis , epilepsy , and dementia are also associated with CSB . In addition , treatment of Parkinson's disease with dopamine can trigger the behavior alleged CSB .* Brain chemical compounds . The chemical messengers between cells of the brain ( neurotransmitters ) such as serotonin , dopamine , norepinephrine , and other natural chemicals in the brain is critical for sexual function and may also be related to the CSB , although the mechanism is unclear .* Androgens . The sex hormones are naturally present in men and women . Although androgens also have a very important role in triggering desire or sex drive , is not yet clear whether these hormones directly related to the CSB .* Changes in brain circuitry . Some experts theorize that CSB is a kind of addiction that over time lead to changes in the brain neural circuitry . This circuit is a neural network which becomes a means of communication between one cell and another cell in the brain . These changes can cause unpleasant psychological reactions when engaging in sexual behavior and unpleasant reactions when the behavior stops .