5 Myths of Sexual Health


The following five sexual health myths you need to know .

1 . Myth : using two condoms better
In fact , the use of condoms , the more does not mean better . By using two condoms , the possibility of leaking even greater . According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC ) , using condoms can prevent the transmission of sexually transmitted infections ( STIs ) and HIV , and unplanned pregnancy . However, previous way is by not having sex or be faithful to one partner .

2 . Myth : Natural family planning is not reliable
In fact , natural family planning can prevent pregnancy if done properly , according to the Department of Health and Human Services ( HHS ) . Natural family planning is a way to prevent pregnancy by not using drugs or any tool . Using natural family planning indicator of body temperature , menstrual cycle , and cervical mucus before having sex .

Even the researchers in 2007 , said natural family planning as effective as the contraceptive pill . Of the 100 respondents who use natural family planning , only one in 25 people who get pregnant . However, this method can not be relied upon to prevent the transmission of STIs .

3 . Myth : sex during menstruation is not going to get pregnant
In fact , although the probability is low, but someone could be pregnant at any period in the menstrual cycle .

" Sperm can live in the body up to a week . So if you have sex during menstruation and have a short menstrual cycle , sperm can still fertilize your eggs mature , " says Sherman Silber , director of the Infertility Center of St. Louis .

4 . Myth : men can not orgasm multiple times
It is true , men need enough time to begin to feel comfortable again after ejaculation . But in fact , men can feel some comfort peaks during intercourse . Some sex experts believe , that a man can control his ejaculation , so it can hold a few times to feel the climax .

5 . Myth : penis size can be seen from the size of the shoe
In fact no study has found a link between the two. Even in the 2002 study attempted to prove the existence of both of these linkages , and the researchers did not get it .