4 Ways to Destroy Stress Instantly

4 Ways to Destroy Stress Instantly

Anxiety and panic sometimes unavoidable when faced with stressful situations . However , in some way , perhaps you can address the attack quickly .

1 . Write down the fears

A research experts at the University of Chicago shows , write all the things that cause anxiety effectively to clear your mind and help us focus on the challenges to be faced . This technique has been shown to improve the ability of students to 20 per cent when compared with students who did not do anything when anxious .

" When someone is anxious , he spent actual energy can be used for other tasks . By writing down the things that worry , a sense of anxiety can be reduced , " said Professor Sian Beilock , a researcher on the study.

2 .
Body Movement

Physical activity such as exercise can release endorphins which in general can provide a sense of calm and contentment . They are rarely feel the rush of endorphins tend to be prone to anxiety and depression . Even for those who otherwise are not depressed .

So , increase your heart rate for 20-30 minutes will help make it happen . Although only a quick walk around the house after work , it already means a lot .

3 .

When the mind starts can not be controlled because of anxiety and panic is over, you tell yourself that you are fine and can fight for it . This method has been proven to reduce the anxiety .

4 . Listen to

Research shows that listening
 music can distract the mind from stress . In addition , other activities that involve the senses , such as reading , cooking , or watching movies , it also has the same effect .