Coffee For Treatment of Tinnitus

tinnitus treatment

Ringing in the ears or tinnitus is often suffered by those who use headset or earphones for too long. Tinnitus occurs due to damage to the nerves in the inner ear that is caused by exposure to music too loud or ear infections.

Although there is no definite medicine to cure this disease, but as reported by, there is a simple treatment that is useful to treat it.

The therapy is to consume coffee. Research conducted at The Nurses Healthy Study II found that substances contained caffeine in coffee is useful as a stimulant to soothe delicate hair cells in the inner ear. So this will help lighten the whining that happens.

"Caffeine is in coffee is not always able to give a negative impact on health. Because it turns out caffeine was beneficial for healthy ears, in addition to increasing the energy," said this research.