5 Interesting Facts About Carrots


  Are you a fan of carrots ? Get to know interesting facts about these unique vegetables as reported from care2.com .
  1.   Carrot orange color comes from a substance called beta carotene antioxidants . This substance is able to transform into vitamin A in the body once digested your .
  2. Carrots are vegetables that are rich in nutrients because it contains fiber , vitamin C , vitamin K , and several other important minerals .
  3.   Eating carrots that have been cooked more profitable than if you chew raw carrots . Because the cooking process breaks down the cell walls of vegetables making it easier for the body to attack the beta carotene .
  4.   Carrots are vegetables that are essential for male fertility because sperm is able to strengthen .
  5.   Carrots and beets are vegetables that have natural sweetness . Most of the sugar is concentrated in the nucleus of carrots .

Turns out you can also use carrots instead of butter and cream in the cake you made . In addition it will make a natural dye cake into a beautiful color and fiber content will make the cake into thick textured .