Eat a lot of Vegetables and Fruit Not Make Slim

Some people believe eating a lot of vegetables can help them quickly to obtain the ideal body weight. However, a new study actually found the opposite.

Researchers assessed, although vegetables and fruits can not be denied benefits for the body, but very little impact on weight loss.

Researchers from the University of Alamabama, Birmingham, USA, it broke the myth that eating lots of vegetables and fruits will make a person slim. After studying the information on more than 1,200 participants in controlled trials, they concluded, adding servings of vegetables and fruit into your diet will not affect weight loss.

Lead researcher Kathryn Kaiser said, there are no magic foods that provide weight loss results. To reduce weight, then one needs to reduce the calories that he asup.

"Many people mistakenly assume, adds to eat foods high in fiber will reduce the impact of less healthy foods in our diet," he said.

In fact, what happens is that high-fiber foods also have a fixed calorie increase the burden of daily caloric intake. So when it consume less healthy foods, plus foods high in fiber too, will remain tubh mengasup excessive calories.

With this study, Kaiser wants to straighten out this misunderstanding. Although eating fruits and vegetables are beneficial to health, but as long as they consume less healthy foods, the weight will not go down.

Previous studies found that people who adhered to a vegetarian diet have a lower risk for type 2 diabates experience, heart attack, and stroke. With all these benefits, should the consumption of vegetables and fruits should be a priority in their daily diet.

U.S. Department of Agriculture recommends that adults eat at least two servings of fruit and three servings of vegetables a day.