Top 5 Accidents That Can Happen When Having Sex

We all agree that sexual intercourse is a beautiful thing and can lead to a feeling of comfort as a couple. Even so, accidents can happen when we're enjoying this intimate activity.

Gynecologist experts says there are some unpleasant incidents that can occur during sexual intercourse. Here are some of them and what to do when the accident occurred.


 1. Vaginal tear
This is the most common sexual accident occurred. One of the symptoms is bleeding after penetration or severe pain in the vagina.

The condition occurs when the vagina is very dry conditions, because it was easy to prevent, namely ensuring perfect lubrication before penetration occurs. "It can also be circumvented by having sex with a gentle, warm-up time, or wear lubricant," says Debby Herbenick, author of Sex Made Easy.

If they also happen discomfort, consult a gynecologist to get treatment.

2. Stuck

This type of "accident" is another object lodged in the female sex organs, such as tampons or condoms. If this happens, do not panic. "Wait about 10-15 minutes after sex. This is the time it takes to return to normal vagina making it easier to take something stuck down there," says Herbenick.

How to actually take it easy, breathe, relax, and insert two fingers to pick it up. If unsuccessful, get to the doctor.

3. Back injury

Although various sex positions that we see in movies or magazines seem challenging to try, but not everyone has the flexibility to do so. One move might injury to the spine or joints.

In the event of injury or joint pain, immediately compress part that feels pain with ice. Then after the inflammation subsides, use warm compresses to soothe the muscles. If necessary, the consumption of anti-pain medication and rest for a few hours.

4. Fungal Infections

Most women experience a yeast infection acquired from sexual intercourse, either because getting oral sex or penetration. Make sure couples have good personal hygiene. If you have a yeast infection several times a year, do the examination to the doctor to determine whether there is a disease that accompanies.

5. Urinary tract infections

Pain or burning during urination is a symptom of urinary tract infections. Another symptom is frequent urge to urinate even if the urine comes out a little. Usually the doctor will give you antibiotics.

The pain in the urinary tract can also be caused because we have sex too often, because it is an infection commonly experienced by newlyweds. To prevent irritation of the urinary tract, take pee before and after sexual intercourse.