5 Wrong Info About Testosterone


Testosterone is a male sex hormone that has an important role in sexual function , sperm production , build muscle , and tone of voice . Low levels of this hormone will cause a person to experience chronic fatigue , depression , erectile disorder , and less upright posture or reduced athletic ability .
Research shows that testosterone in normal amounts is essential to reduce the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease in men . Additionally , normal testosterone levels men live longer than men who lack this hormone .

Many myths circulated about one of the male hormones . Abraham Morgentaler , MD , a specialist urology at Harvard Medical School and author of Testosterone for Life will answer it for you .

1 . Testosterone is an illegal drug
The hormone testosterone is included in the legal drugs , especially this very important hormone for men . Illegal is when this hormone is used without a doctor's prescription . Even so , many sports organizations have strict rules about the use of drugs or supplements that contain testosterone because it can affect the performance of athletes . Athletes in violation may be subject to sanctions .

2 . Testosterone is steorid , and steorid dangerous .
Yes , testosterone is steorid , but not dangerous . Anyway we naturally met by various steorid . According Morgentaler , the word " steroids " is actually associated with a molecule that is supported by four carbon , such as estrogen , progesterone , cortisol , cholesterol too .
Meanwhile , in the world of sports , steroids is short for anabolic steroid hormone that is meant specifically work to build muscle and bone , such as testosterone .

3 . Testosterone causes uncontrollable behavior
There is no proven fact that testosterone causes aggression, violence , or other uncontrollable behavior . Conversely , men with low testosterone actually irritable, and this condition will improve after testosterone levels rise .

4 . Testosterone causes prostate cancer
Recent research has shown that men with high testosterone levels are actually lower risk for prostate cancer .

5 . Higher levels of testosterone cause baldness
In general , men who experience hair loss have the same testosterone levels as men whose hair is still heavy . Baldness , according to Morgentaler , usually genetically inherited .