Food That Kills Men Masculinity

Food that kill men masculinity
The habit of eating fast food or processed foods makes us easier to exposure to contamination . Various chemicals in these foods can certainly have a negative impact on the body , including making men less masculine .
Harmful substances in food are not only preservatives , dyes , or heavy metals . There are also substances that can mimic the hormone estrogen in the body , which is called xenoestrogen . These substances are usually found in meat , poultry , dairy products , and processed foods .
Xenoestrogen would mimic the effects of estrogen hormone in the body . " Estrogen " will easily bind to estrogen receptors , causing the appearance of signs of femininity in men , such as enlargement of the breast and prostate enlargement .

Unfortunately the chemicals that resemble estrogen is not only able to get from food but also personal care products daily .
Xenoestrogen exposure to high impact on modern humans can be seen from the trend of decline in male fertility as seen from the reduced number of sperm cells and sperm shape .
Difficulty losing weight , reduced sexual desire and sexual stamina are also suspected to be the result of estrogen from outside the body .


You may be asking , what can be done to mitigate the ill effects of xenoestrogen this ? The best way of course is to choose wisely the foods we eat .
Perform regular detoxification . Detoxification can be done by reducing the intake of processed foods , including meat and dairy , and meet the body's need for nutrients to cells and vital organs can function normally .

Care about your liver organ as the primary function of this organ is to remove toxins from the body and metabolize excess estrogen from the body . Therefore , if you frequently drink alcohol , food mengasup sugar, processed foods , and are often exposed to pollution , means your liver will work hard . As a result , excess estrogen is more difficult to remove .

Limit your intake of sugar and flour because both of these foods can increase blood sugar levels and insulin . These conditions can suppress the production of testosterone .