Alcohol Drinking Habits Causes Bloated Stomach?

Abdominal circumference continues to widen on a man sometimes associated with alcohol drinking habits . Although beer is not a source of calories , but the habit of consuming beer should not be continued .According Dr.Marion Nestle , professor of nutrition and food science from New York University , drinking beer is not going to make a belly fat, but if taken to excess .

" If you consume excessive alcohol can also lead to obesity . Distended stomach , but actually comes from excess calories , whether from food , sugary drinks , or beer , " he said .He explained that the main danger of the habit of drinking beer actually is an increased risk of alcoholic hepatitis or fatty buildup in the liver .In general , according to Michael Jensen , endocrine experts from the Mayo Clinic , alcohol is associated with a distended stomach because when we consume alcohol it will burn alcohol liver organ , instead of fat .Furthermore , despite the calorie content in beer is relatively small , about 150 calories , but it is easy to overload if we drink more than one glass of beer ." Do not forget the calories we get from food . Alcohol will increase your appetite , so it's probably in our party mengasup many foods other than beer , " said Jensen .Excess fat around the abdomen also occurs because we are less mobile so that excess calories will be stored as fat . This condition is also influenced by age , sex , and hormones .