6 Foods to Help Cure Flu

Here are some of the foods recommended for the prevention of flu :

1 . pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds are rich in zinc , which can help white blood cells fight viruses and diseases . Various preparations made ​​from pumpkin seeds can prevent boredom eating this dish one .

 2 . tuna

This fish is one of the best sources of selenium . Selenium protect body cells from free radical damage and increase endurance . Of course, the tuna can be applied in a variety of recipes that are delicious to eat .

3 . mushrooms

Mushrooms are full of beta glucan content , which helps the body fight infections . Mushroom soup with wheat to be one of the suggested recipes Berman to face the flu .

4 . tuber

Types of bulbs are very popular in Indonesia can no longer be underestimated . Sweet potatoes are rich in vitamin A , which protects the body from free radicals . Free radicals have been a factor that weakens the immune system making it easier for bacterial and viral infections .

5 . green tea

Tea is one commonly consumed beverage world community . In addition to refreshing , tea was also rich in benefits . Green tea to be one type of antioxidant-rich beverage . A cup of hot green tea into a powerful bulwark against the flu .

6 . yogurt

This dairy intake was not just enjoyable consumed with fresh sour taste . The fermentation process causes through which probiotic rich yogurt so good for the body . Probiotics strengthen the immune system to ward off the flu .