12 Unique Ways to Prevent Flu

Unique Ways to Prevent Flu

1 . Vigilant use of antibiotics

Merrell highlights common mistakes in treating the flu is the use of antibiotics . The reason is an infection that causes flu are caused by viruses , while more appropriate antibiotic to treat infections caused by bacteria . Not to mention , the risks of irrational use of antibiotics can lead to bacterial resistance and thus require higher doses of antibiotics again at the next opportunity .

2 . Vapor inhaled menthol

It may sound like old advice , but according to Merrell , this is an effective way to prevent or treat the flu . " Menthol can act as an expectorant , a decongestant that can help fight infection , fever or flu either , " he explained .

3 . Check your vitamin D levels

The body naturally produces vitamin D , but you need sun exposure to activate it . But surprisingly , according to the Harvard School of Public Health , nearly one billion people in the world are deficient in vitamin D in the body .

" In fact, vitamin D is a vitamin that plays an important role in the immune system , " said Merrell .

A Japanese study on 340 children showed that those given vitamin D supplements 40 percent more resistant to cold than those who were given a placebo . Not only for influenza , vitamin D is also known to help to fight off any infections in general .

4 . Increase the room humidity

One study showed that the flu virus is more difficult to survive in a moist environment because in general they live in an environment with low humidity levels . Therefore , if the humidity is set moist , flu virus will be difficult to infect humans .

5 . Move

Research shows that mild to moderate exercise that is done every day can reduce the risk of flu infection by a third . A study published in Science in Sports & Exercise calculate the rate of infection in 641 people were divided into inactive and active medium . As a result, they are more difficult active infection compared to 33 percent who are not active .

6 . Expand to eat vegetables and fruits

According to Merrell , plant -based diet will make you healthier than animal -based . He said this because plant -based foods rich in phytonutrients which play an important role in maintaining health and fighting disease .

7 . Use herbs and spices antiinflammatory and antibacterial

Herbs and spices are known to help fight infections caused by influenza virus , for instance garlic and turmeric . Both contain antibacterial and anti-inflammatory compounds that are needed to keep the body from disease . Therefore , Merrell advised to use them in their daily diet .

8 . Wash your hands and do not touch the face

When fall sick system means the virus has entered the body through the cracks like through the eyes , mouth , or nose . So every time you touch these parts with dirty hands , you increase the risk of falling ill .

9 . Use tea tree oil

Tea tree oil has been known since long as the antivirus is able to fight the flu . In fact , his ability has been proven through laboratory studies to the human .

10 . cover sneezes

If you've wash hands and avoid touching your face , one more thing to do is close sneezing . When sneezing , you spend millions of virus that is easily spread and infect other people . In addition , you also have to directly dispose of used tissues to cover sneezes and wash hands again .

11 . consumption of honey

Honey has antimicrobial compounds that are important for fighting infection . Merrell advised to incorporate honey into hot drinks such as tea , smoothies , to foods like oatmeal .

12 . Keep hydration

Water is needed to keep the body system is running fine . The system also means a good body immune system better so that you are infected is more difficult and easy recovering from illness .