5 Most Risky Jobs for Health

5 most risky jobs

All jobs are risky . However , there are certain types of jobs are most at risk , especially for health . For example , workers exposed to chemical compounds have an increased risk of cancer because of exposure to the carcinogenic properties .
In addition , there is also the risk of other diseases jobs that may not be realized . Here is a work that may be most at risk for health .

1 . FarmerAlthough farming including the active job that has a low risk for heart disease , lung cancer , esophagus , bladder , and colon , but farmers are also at risk of disease .
According to the National Cancer Institute , the farmers are most at risk for diseases such as leukemia , non-Hodgkin lymphoma , myeloma , sarcoma , cancer of the skin, lip , stomach , brain , and prostate .
This is because farmers exposed to chemicals from pesticides , engine emissions , fertilizers , fungicides , and fuel , including animal viruses and dust . Because of this , farmers need to be wary of such exposure by wearing protective complete before starting work .
2 . Construction WorkersHeavy equipment and construction objects are not the only source of danger . According to the American Lung Association , in the U.S. alone , approximately 1.3 million construction workers exposed to asbestos fibers and smooth for a long time is harmful to the lungs . These conditions can lead to cancer later in life .
So construction workers also need to consult the doctor more often , once got penampisan against lung cancer , as well as other lung diseases .
3 . Fire BrigadeTrauma and exposure to smoke is a serious threat . But not only that, the fire wag is also seven times more likely to die of heart disease than inhaling smoke exposure . The risk two times greater than the trauma . A Harvard study analyzed the origins , physical and psychological stress may be the main cause .
4 . Pilot
Researchers from the University of Iceland discovered , the pilot 25 times more likely to have skin cancer . The cause may be cosmic rays . But researchers say , lifestyle factors also play a role .
5 . The too much sitting workThe work requires a lot of physical activity in the field may seem to have a high risk , as well as work at the front desk . Job "inactive " is associated with 82 percent increased risk of death from cardiovascular disease compared with those who spent less than four hours per week to sit at the table . As expressed by a new study from the University of South Carolina . The reason , work at a desk makes people burn less calories tend to store fat so that a risk factor for cardiovascular disease .