5 Facts About Fiber

5 facts about fiber

When you want to start a diet to a more healthy and slim , the best thing you can do is to eat more fiber . Many studies show that fiber can help reduce weight by making you feel full longer .
Here are five facts you need to know the fiber as well as a way to add more fiber to the diet .
1 . Most people do not consume enough fiberTo maintain a healthy digestive system , nutrition experts recommend that the average adult should consume 25 grams of dietary fiber each day . Unfortunately , most people have inadequate , on average they only eat 15 grams .
2 . Water is necessary for fiber works wellThe key to increase the consumption of fiber is to add fibrous foods in your diet gradually to make your stay comfortable with the food eaten . However , the most important is you need to consume enough water . Because the fibers can not work well without it .
3 . There are two types of fiberFibers consist of two types , namely fiber -soluble and water insoluble . Both need to be consumed for best results . Clinical nutrition specialist Oetoro Samuel said , soluble fiber obtained from the stems of green plants . In addition, the soluble fiber found in almonds , oats , broccoli , carrots , and fruits , such as berries , bananas , apples , and pears .
Meanwhile , the water insoluble fiber obtained from some foods , such as whole grains , seeds , green leaves , and fruits , such as avocado , kiwi , and tomatoes .
4 . The juice is not the same as fresh fruitAlthough they contain more water , fiber content fresh fruit juice with no equal . The fruit contains more fiber than juice . One way to add more fiber into your diet is to make fruit into smoothies . Because this drink does not eliminate the fiber in the fruit . Plus, you can enter the skin of fruit that can be eaten as it is usually the most part contain lots of fiber .
5 . Make sure to eat a serving contains 5 grams of fiber
In order for the body's fiber needs met but still comfortable eating food , then make sure you include fiber in your meal servings at least 5 grams per serving . For example , add the spinach salad with other fresh vegetables will give you more fiber in a serving .