There are dangers Bra Size Fitting

Despite being part of everyday fashion style, there are still many women who do not understand how to choose the right bra size. In fact, the wrong bra size can lead to various health problems.
Although seemingly unrelated, but the wrong size bra can cause sores on the skin, muscle pain, discomfort and even digestion.
According to the study, about 4 in 5 women wearing the wrong bra size because they do not take into account the width of the back. Most just consider the size of the bowl (cup) only.
Lorna Mills, a chiropractor from Odham, UK, says that most women come to him with the same complaint.
“Usually, shoulder pain, back bent, and indigestion because of the diaphragm and lungs are interested. Visible traces in leather underwear, these signs are symptoms of misuse bra,” she said.
Lorna said, most women use a bra with a cup size too big. As a result, bra straps should be tightened so that the shoulders and neck are interested. Backs so bent causing discomfort.
Straps are too tight also cause pressure around the stomach and lower esophagus area. Tissue around the area who are not interested in the direction of truth.
Richard Moore, medical massage therapist, said that, in many cases the complaints surrounding the spine and neck of women is directly related to misuse bra.
Error resulted in deteriorating posture, pain, and tension in a particular area. “Traditional Bra is often too tight in the rib area. Consequently, there are areas in the central part of the bone is divided into two,” said Moore.
Lack of support on the area can also cause lower back ahead, and to balance it, some women pulled her head back too.
The error of this result in pressure on the diaphragm. Moreover, if women continue to sit for hours. As a result, the mechanism of impaired breathing and digestion, including symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).
Bra straps are too tight not only affect the skin, but also the flow of blood, nerves, and lead to headaches.
To get the right bra size, choose a comfortable on the shoulders, not too tight. Signs strap that fits is if you can put two fingers under it, and a finger in the middle.
As for the bowl, choose according to breast size or do not there is a gap between the breast and the bowl.
Bra with wire rope is not recommended for breast that are still growing, such as in pregnant women. However, if you are a big breast size, choose which to wear a wire.
Replace wire bra when starting out. Wire bra ideally located just below the sternum and the ribs close. If the wire is too much pressure on the ribs, maybe you need a larger size. If the breasts are out from under the wire, you should choose a bra with a smaller size.