Meditation Boost Brain Health

meditation brain health
In some literature mentioned, meditation is the practice of relaxation that involves emptying the mind of all things interesting, overburden, or worrying about the day-to-day life. Meditation has actually been around a long time and often does the people of old.
During this time, the meditation is often misinterpreted most people because it is considered as an activity that is useless and a waste of time. In fact, meditation is not directly related to the game on the brain.
In fact, meditation is believed to be able to add more entries to increase your brainpower. A previous study has shown that practicing meditation for a long time may increase gray matter in the brain.
Now, a new study claims, the meditating person’s risk of brain shrinkage is much lower. Meditation is also believed to improve brain cells to transmit electrical signals more efficiently.
Results of a study showed that people who meditate on a regular basis over the long term can reduce the white matter of the brain as the cause of aging.
The study involved a total of 27 volunteers were practicing meditation with a variety of styles with ages between 5 years to 46 years. Meanwhile, 27 other volunteers are those who do not meditate. They come from the same gender and age group. Brains of both groups were scanned using diffusion tensor imaging technologies to determine the differences in structural brain connectivity in each group.
The result, the researchers concluded that the meditation brings positive changes in the growth of brain anatomy. At the same time, meditation is also effective in preventing brain shrinkage. The researchers argue, meditation improve brain health by promoting the function of the immune system.