Benefits Of Making Love In The Morning

morning sex

Often times annoying morning alarm for everyone, but maybe not anymore after her as’ the call of love “.
Compared evening, was only a few people who likes sex in the morning. Narrow time, must be prepared to work, to bathe less confident because there is a reason why sex in the morning is less desirable.
According to the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction, people aged 18 to 29 years on average have sex 112 times per year, while those aged 30-39 years old on average 86 times per year, and age 40 -49 years about 69 times per year.
Meanwhile, according to a study in the Journals of Circadian Rhythms, 58 percent of couples have sex ranging from 23.00 until 01.00 in the morning on weekends, and only a few are doing at 06.00 am on Monday.
Though Glen Rowan, sexologists from the Sowetan in South Africa, said that the morning is the best time to have sex. Because the erection generally easier to do in the morning so that the small stimulation alone was able to make an erection.
In addition, there are a number of other benefits to be gained from making love in the morning. Here are 5 of them:

sex in morning

1. Boost immunity
Production of antibodies that protect against infection (immunoglobulin A / IgA) increased during sex in the morning. When sexual activity, IgA antibodies are found in the female genital mucosal glands that make restrictions to prevent the transmission of infectious diseases.
2. Improve mood
Making love in the morning can improve mood because serotonin levels are secreted during sexual activity. Sex is a natural way to improve your mood because during orgasm, increased serotonin production in the brain.
3. Improve the quality of male sperm and female fertility
Routine sex in the morning can improve sperm quality male and female fertility. Studies conducted at Sydney IVF Clinic in Wollongong, Australia, found that men who ejaculated more frequently had fewer damaged sperm DNA. The less damaged sperm DNA, the more likely increase female fertility.
4. Improve the color and texture of the skin and hair
Achieved orgasm while sex in the morning triggers the secretion of chemical compounds that can increase the levels of estrogen in the body which improves the color and texture of the skin, and even hair. Blood circulation is increased during sex also helps increase the intake of oxygen in the body which improves the luster of the face.
5. Reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease
A study found that people who have sex in the morning for a couple of times a week have a reduced risk of heart attack by half.