5 Types of Stress You Need To Know

type of stress

Stress is frequently identified with the negative emotion is bad for health. However,  stress is not always bad but also have good benefits.

Here are some types of stress that you need to recognize.

1. Stress is good
Stress not only fueled entirely by negative experiences. In fact, positive experiences can also bring stress, such as graduation or wedding ceremonies. However, as this type of stress in small doses is actually good for our immune system. In addition, this type of stress can also make it easier for many people create goals and enjoy the process of achieving full of energy.

2. Internal distress
this is the type of bad stress. Distress is a negative stress type results from bad experiences, threat, or a change in unexpected situations and uncomfortable. Basically, your body wants to feel safe so if the flavor disturbed, the body was experiencing distress.

3. Acute distress
acute distress occurs when a person experiences distress triggered by adverse events that passed quickly. While chronic stress occurs when a person had to withstand stress in a long time. The second type of stress will lead to earlier hiperstres.

4. Hipostres
It turns out the day-to-day challenges without fear and stress can also trigger other types, namely hipostres. Hipostres an “absence” of stress, but it can also mean extreme boredom. Someone who had hipostres may feel challenged; have no motivation to do anything. Hipostres can trigger feelings of depression and futility.

5. Eustres
Eustres is very useful because stress can make the body become more vigilant. Eustres keeps the body and mind to be ready to face many challenges, even unwittingly. This type of stress can help provide power and decision-making, for example, find solutions to problems.