5 Sex Supporting Equipment to Help Women Reached Orgasm

Women often fail to reach climax when having sex than men. It can be caused by various factors, such as lack of stimulation or lack of sexual desire that needs to be raised with some sex supporting equipment readily available sex in the pharmacy.
Here is a sex support equipment that can help women reach orgasm and increase sexual life:
1. Textured Condoms
Condoms are a must for safe sex transmission of sexually transmitted diseases or unwanted pregnancies. Fortunately, a number of companies produce different types of condoms condom that has been tailored to a woman’s desire, which is textured.
Condoms are not only a kind of protection benefits, but also can provide extra pleasure in women. Choose condom with jagged texture or mottled. This can increase the maximum stimulation to reach climax.
So, throw away the idea that condoms can cause discomfort and impede orgasm. The textured condom you can get easily in pharmacy with a wide selection.
2. Lubricants
Although you do not have a problem with vaginal dryness, use of lubricants can increase pleasure during sex because penetration becomes more sleek and comfortable. Be careful in choosing a lubricant, because some do not fit a certain type of lubricant in combination with latex condoms.
3. Vibrator
Many women can not achieve orgasm through vaginal sex, so it takes vibrator to achieve orgasm. Dynamic vibration can improve and increase pleasure sensations that make you reach climax.
4. Massage oils and aromatherapy candles
Light a candle aromatherapy to enhance mood and sexual arousal. Then use massage oils to give a gentle massage during foreplay and erotic. Both of these can increase your sex drive and improve keempatan to achieve orgasm.
5. Arousal gel
This arousal gel helps women get in the mood to make love to stimulate erotic zone. Fine-textured gel, not sticky, and some are designed to help intensify her climax.