Wearing Bra Precisely Makes Sagging Breast?

Use of bras for women is considered as an obligation to maintain health and support the breasts. But according to the study in France, wearing a bra actually makes easy sagging breasts.
Pulled backward, women have started using a bra since ancient Greece. Ranging from corsets, breast support with a low back, until modern bra elastic.
Modern brassiere patented by Mary Phelps Jacob, a socialite who makes underwear for one of her nightgown. Bra popularity increased during World War I because most women felt the need of a practical tool used in the workplace.
In addition to its function as a crutch breasts, bras are also designed to make the wearer look sexy even make small breasts look more protruding.
Jean-Denis Rouillon, professor of the University of Besancon, France, doing research on the effects of the use of the breast bra. According to him, real women do not need to wear a bra because breast is dangerous to health as it makes “the twin hills” it’s easier slack, and even increase the risk of back pain.
Research conducted Rouillon it involves 330 women aged 18-35 years. A total of 50 people were asked to not wear a bra. The researchers then performed anatomical measurements to determine whether there is change in orientation using specially shaped measuring calipers.
“Medically, physiological, and anatomical, no benefit from breast against gravity. Fact, easy to make breasts sagging breasts,” said Rouillon.
In particular, he shows what happens if a woman does not wear a bra. Within a year there is an increase of about 7 mm nipple and breast are also more supple. Streaks like stretch marks on the breasts is also somewhat disappeared.
One 28-year-old study participants who did not to be named said he was not using a bra during the last 2 years.
“There are some benefits that I feel, that is breathing more easily, rarely back pain, and the body feels lighter,” he said.
Back pain has long been associated with large breast size and bra improper use. Correct posture is also very important to prevent back pain, both while wearing a bra or not.
Rouillon said that he was very confident culture that makes women think wearing a bra as a liability is the wrong thing. Even so, he said not all women benefit from not wearing a bra.
“Women aged 45 years and over will not mean benefit if they decide to no longer wearing a bra,” she said.