Potassium Deficiency

Deficiency of potassium in the blood (hypokalemia) can cause heart problems. Addition to contraction of muscles in the body, potassium is also serves as a conductor of electricity around the body. Adequate potassium in the body serves as the body’s acid-base balance.
Disorder balance will interfere with the overall body. This imbalance is more worried if already disturbing cardiac function resulting in heart rhythm disorders.
To prevent this, meet the needs of the body potassium. Potassium can be obtained from skim milk, burgers, bacon, and tomatoes. However, the greatest intake of potassium can be obtained from fruits. Among the many fruits, watermelon and banana is a fruit that mostly contain potassium. At least 1-2 bananas a day provide for the body’s potassium.
Another source of potassium dates and raisins. Tomatoes also contain potassium quite a lot. In a medium-size, tomatoes gave 340 mg of potassium, half the potassium content in bananas. Besides citrus, avocados and strawberries contain as much potassium.