How to Maintain Sperm Quality

When couples have not been blessed with a baby, it is usually the woman is a party is more to blame. In fact, men also play an important role in this issue. Is not pregnancy occurs because there is sperm donation from the men? Therefore, abnormalities in sperm could lead to disruption of reproductive functions, always keep your partner's sperm quality remains excellent.

1. Avoid virility drug
Research conducted by experts from Ireland recently showed that men, especially middle-aged, who too often consume virility enhancing drugs or drug erectile dysfunction the ability of sperm to move toward the egg so weakened.

2. Use the laptop base
Several studies have shown, assuming the laptop for too long can reduce sperm count. Therefore, use a laptop pad or place the laptop on the table, not in the thigh. Habits hot shower also not something that is recommended. Remember that cool temperature required for sperm development.

3. Avoid tight pants
Maybe he's looking very hot with tight pants while exercising at the gym, but if you want to maintain fertility should avoid pants that are too tight. The use of tight pants can make the testicles overheating and ultimately reduce the number of sperm.

4. Recreation and Relaxation
Avoid stress. Fertility expert from Israel found that men who are stressed, especially since no job, is often difficult to have a baby.

5. Avoid chemicals
Insecticides containing chemicals chlorpyrifos (TCPY) is expected to reduce levels of the male hormone testosterone so it is difficult to produce sperm cells. Although further research is still needed, it could not hurt to read labels of products containing chemicals.