Oral Sex Increases Sense of Happiness

oral sex

Oral sex is one of the many variations of sex styles you can do with your partner. Although it was thought oral sex was taboo, couples who do apparently feel happier.

According to a recent study, oral sex is not only good for the health of women, but also happier. The secret contained in the cement content (semen) that affect mood.

Besides sperm, semen also contains other substances such as cortisol are shown to increase compassion, and estrone and oxytocin were able to improve mood.

Other ingredients are known in semen is a hormone that triggers the release of thirotropin (antidepressant), melatonin (increase drowsiness), and serotonin (neurotransmitters antidepressants).

These substances are known to be present in human semen. Therefore, researchers from Gallup and Burch suspect, a woman who had oral sex feel happier and less depressed.

To investigate whether semen have antidepressant effects, the researchers recruited 293 mahasisiwi from the University of Albany were asked to fill out an anonymous questionnaire on various aspects of sexual life.

Sexual activity without a condom is used as an indirect measurement to determine plasma semen within the female body. Apparently, women who do not wear a condom during sex with a partner admitted fewer depressive symptoms.

Lab studies also revealed that women who were exposed to semen partner have better concentration.

That's why, as a couple who have sex regularly and in the long run, it seems reasonable if you or your partner oral sex, especially after knowing the benefits, which is good for mental health.