5 Amazing Reasons To Eat Eggs

reasons to eat eggs

Nature has provided us with a cheap source of protein and high in nutrients , namely eggs . Unfortunately the egg already has a bad reputation because many people fear going cholesterol .A study published in the British Medical Journal says that eating eggs in moderation is not a bad effect on heart health . To further convince you , here are five reasons why we should not be hostile to the eggs .

1 . Eggs Required For
Baby's Brain Development
Eggs should routinely consumed by pregnant women . Why ? Eggs are rich in choline , vitamin B needed for baby's brain development . Choline supplementation also lowers the risk of mental disorders in infants , reduce risk of Down syndrome and dementia .

2 . Eggs Reducing The Desire to Eat Snack

 Eating a breakfast high in protein can reduce cravings later . Eggs as a source of high protein foods can be left feeling satiated and satisfied . Therefore , there is no harm if you often experience hunger at night to eat eggs .

3 . Eggs Improving Reflex

 2014 study found that tyrosine , an amino acid in eggs , helps improve the response . The researchers say , tyrosine is helpful in certain situations , such as driving , where decisions need to be made in fast conditions .

4 . Eggs Lowering The Risk of Cancer

 Antioxidants in eggs may reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease . Although the cooking process will reduce the levels of antioxidants in the eggs in half , equivalent to a fixed amount of antioxidants in apples .

5 . Eggs Lowering Blood Pressure

 Egg proteins known to be useful in lowering blood pressure . These proteins work in the body the same as that contained in the ACE inhibitor antihypertensive drugs .