3 Killer Wrong Morning Ritual

wrong morning ritual

There are many things that are beyond our control , severe congestion on road , rail travel disruption , or your child will be left when the fussy work . All that can affect your mood all day .However , it turns out there is our habit of starting the day without realizing that adversely affect the emotional state .

1. Drink Coffee Too Early In The Morning 

The time to drinking coffee has its own influence on the body . Our energy levels naturally increase when we wake up . Therefore, if we wake up immediately drink coffee , there will be a surge of energy that makes us more anxious . Drink coffee an hour after waking up, a time in which our energy levels start to fall . Thus coffee will make you more focused and energized until lunch .

2. Too Little Breakfast  

Because on a diet , you choose not to have breakfast or just eat a piece of fruit . The breakfast menu was not only easy to make your stomach hungry , but also a lack of nutrients needed to make the stomach remains full until lunch time .The breakfast menu should still consist of protein, fiber , healthy fats , and complex carbohydrates . The breakfast will keep you focused and have no desire to snack before the next meal . 

3. Check e - mail 
It is a bad habit that you should avoid . Wake up instantly check your gadget to see the e - mail will only create stress throughout the day . Instead of worrying about jobs , start your morning with something soothing , such as stretching , drinking tea , or chatting with your spouse and children . You will be more energetic and productive .

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