8 Bananas Benefits for Health


Not only meat bananas are rich in nutrients . Banana peel was also beneficial to the health of the body .
Here are the benefits of banana peel that you should know .

1. Whiten Teeth
To have natural white teeth , rub a banana peel on a daily basis . A natural ingredient that is beneficial in the banana skin to whiten teeth .

2. Removing Warts
Banana peel to remove warts has benefits and prevent warts come back . The trick is to rub a banana peel on a wart every night .

3. Treating Acne
Your face is acne ? Banana peels mixed with honey is effective for reducing acne scars on the face.

4. Diminish Wrinkles
Banana peel is rich in antioxidants that are useful as anti- aging . Banana skin also keeps the skin well hydrated and always able to increase elasticity .

5. Soothe The Pain
Banana skin gives a soothing effect on the body's pain .
You can treat it with a mixture of banana peels and essential oils .

6. Reducing Itching
A natural ingredient that is in the banana peel is beneficial to reduce the itching and heal psoriasis quickly .

7. Treating Wounds Insect Bites
Massage can be beneficial to use a banana peel to treat wounds or itching caused by insect bites .

8. Protects Against UV Rays
Excessive sunlight is able to cause problems to the health of your eyes . Therefore , compress with a banana skin could treat tired eyes caused by too long to be outdoors .

Banana peel was rich in health benefits for your body . It can even become an emergency medications when you experience skin disorders .