6 amazing benefits of cranberry fruit for health

Here are the amazing benefits of cranberry fruit for health as reported from boldsky.com .
Avoid the risk of urinary tract infectionsUrinary tract infections can be very bad for your health . By eating cranberries you can remove micro- organisms causing urinary tract infections and also eliminates bacteria that settles in the kidneys or bladder .
prevent tumorCranberries are rich in polyphenolic compounds either to prevent the growth of tumors in the body . With cranberry juice on a regular basis , it can stop the growth of tumors that are capable of causing damage to other vital organs such as the lung , breast , and prostate .
Improving heart healthEating cranberries can improve the health of your cardiovascular system because the flavonoids in it is able to reduce the fat and cholesterol in the body .
Protect dental healthContent proanthocyanidine in cranberries can protect your teeth from the bacteria that cause tooth decay and reduce plaque .
Preventing respiratory diseaseHaemophilus influenzae is a bacterium that causes ear and respiratory infections in children . While the fruit is able to inhibit the growth of bacteria that cause respiratory illnesses .
Preventing obesityIf you are obese , consume cranberry juice regularly . Because the fruit is rich in organic acids that can reduce fat deposits in your body .