7 Things To Do Before Going To Sleep

things to do before sleep

Before going to sleep , you should perform the following rituals that can support your body's health .

1. Removing the rest of the cosmetic
In addition to cosmetics , make sure you 've deleted before bed remnants cream that you rub on the skin . It is aimed to eliminate chemicals , which could give negative effects to the health of the skin .

2. Positive thinking
After a day of activities , you are sure to always clean the negative thoughts before bed . Because when your mind is filled with negative thoughts , it can interfere with the quality of your sleep .

3. Eat a piece of cheese or a glass of milk
The best time for the body to absorb calcium is in the evening . So try for you to eat a piece of cheese or a glass of milk before bed .

4. Set the room ventilation
The air is fresh and comfortable take for you during sleep . The fresh air will contribute positively to you while sleeping .

5. Turning off the TV
If you have the habit of watching TV before bed , turn off your TV before sleep . Radiation from the TV rays can adversely affect the quality of your sleep .

6. Reading book
Reading books can produce a calming effect rather than watching TV . Moreover, what you read before going to sleep properly stored in memory . So instead of watching TV , you should read the book before going to bed .

7. Bath with warm water
This is the most widely recommended to be done before bed . In addition to maintaining the cleanliness of the body , bath with warm water before bed can make your body relax .

So , have you do
these habits before sleeping ? Try to do it and feel the difference in your body's health .

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