5 Unique Facts About Male Orgasms


Here are the facts behind the male orgasm:

  1. Male orgasm with ejaculation is not the same . Orgasm is the sexual thrill reached a climax and ejaculation are followed by a release of semen . But keep in mind is that men can achieve orgasm without ejaculation .
  2. Multiple orgasms or orgasm repeatedly usually experienced by women . But it turns out approximately 15-20 % of men can also experience it . Of course a proper sexual techniques to achieve it .
  3. Orgasm in men depending on age , health , and fitness of their body . And orgasm can take place in a short time or a long time depending on the individual 's ability.
  4. To arouse the male orgasm , you can touch their scrotum . In addition to the G - Spot is located in the male gland that is under their bladder .
  5. Male orgasm lasts shorter than women . Orgasm they usually last between 10-15 seconds .

During this time many misconceptions circulating about orgasm . Therefore, the above explanation can help you to improve your knowledge will correct sex .