Brain More Active When Able to Remembering Dreams

Remembering dreams is a natural thing that can happen to anyone . However , if you are often able to remember the dream , it means certain areas of your brain work more actively than those who are often forgotten dreams , so that revealed a new study .
The research team headed by Perrine Ruby Neurosciences Research Center of Lyon in France conducted brain scans on 41 adults. Scanning is done when the participants awake and asleep .
Of the total participants , 21 of whom claimed to remember a dream an average of five times a week so it is categorized as a reminder of the high -level dream . Meanwhile , 20 other people only remember two dreams every month , and in the category of low-level reminders dream .
When in a state of sleep and waking , dream reminders showed high levels of activity in the prefrontal cortex area of the brain and the central part of the temporo - parietal junction are more active . The area is an area of the brain that processes information .
Previously , the research team found that high levels of dream reminder to have twice as many periods of waking during sleep . This is because their brains respond more easily when they are sound asleep and woke up , compared with the low-level reminders dream .
According to a study published in the journal Neuropsychipharmacology , increased brain activity in high -level reminders dreams cause they awaken more frequently during sleep so that they are easier to remember his dream .
" Sleeping brain is not able to remember the new information , the brain needs to be woken up to be able to do , " he said .
The researchers also said a high -level reminders dreams usually more than a reminder of a dream dreamed low level . So , they have many more dreams to remember .