Tips to Keep Your Body Fit and Healthy

body fit tips
Body fit and healthy is not found for granted. Besides there are many simple habits exercise you can do to keep your body and skin healthy. Adopt healthy habits.

1. Doing Sport
Everyone knows that exercise is a good habit to maintain health. The fact there’s always an excuse for not exercising. Actually not need strenuous exercise, just a few simple movements such as push-ups or sit-ups with 15-20 repetitions to build muscle. “Building muscle is something that can be done to burn your metabolism. Burning metabolism will be useful to increase energy,” says nutritionist, fitness trainer and author of The Secret to Skinny, Lyssie Lakatos. He added that the smaller muscle mass is held, the more calories your body will burn, even while you’re sleeping.
In addition to sit-ups and push-ups, jumping rope also is an effective way to burn calories. “Jump rope is a quick way to increase your heart rate and metabolism,” said LaReine Chabut, author of Lose the Baby Fat. Does it for five minutes a day and you will get a good body shape, reduce cellulite and a good metabolism?

2. Breakfast
The breakfast is also very useful to keep in shape while maintaining body weight. “To lose weight 2 kg should start by reducing 200-300 calories per day,” said Lakatos. To make it easier, start by leaving the last four bites of food on your plate. He also suggested consuming low-calorie foods. Besides changing your dessert too sweet with fruit and yogurt mixture. “This mixture will give the sensation of sweet, cold and satisfying like cake or ice cream, only healthier,” he added.

3. Many moves
Too much food will cause fat to accumulate in the body, and make you lazy. Excess fat is what must be burned to produce energy. Try to start a lot of moving even being in the office. Such as walking, climbing stairs, or walking with high heels

4. Lifting weights
Do not rush away if asked to weight training. No need to do in the gym, just do it yourself at home. You can even do it while doing homework, or accompany the child while playing. Play with children while positioning your child as a burden. Lie on the floor and lift your baby high up. This exercise will help you burn fat and strengthen the hand muscles.

5. Avoid calorie beverages
Some drinks such as smoothies, coffee, juice, soda and sports drinks are high-calorie beverages. “Without realizing it, you have to eat a lot of calories from beverages brain. But not get the signal that you are getting enough calories, so you still feel hungry. Forgotten smoothies and replace it with fruit,” said Lakatos. He also suggested eating watermelon for you to hydrate and feeling full.

6. Scheduled sleep
Busyness can make it difficult to sleep or sleeping too late. Though difficult to sleep can make your body less fresh and loose. The experts did suggest sleeping for 6-8 hours a day. “But the most important thing is to have a specific schedule for sleep and wake up at the same time every day, including on weekends,” advises Lakatos.
That’s a few tips to keep your body fit and healthy, may be used as guidance in starting a healthy life.