The Important of Voice Expression When Having Sex

Forget the metaphor 'silence is golden' when making love. Sex session too quiet bodes sex less enjoyable. A British study even mentions the existence of a strong link between the expression of satisfaction and increased arousal.Men and women were both like if their partner did not hesitate to make a sound sigh or moan during sex. The women especially, feel is appropriate action in bed when they heard a couple of expression through sound. Similarly, most men would prefer if their partner is "noisy" in bed.In addition to this expression with the ongoing action, voices issued it can make more passion burning.A study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior mentioned 92 percent of respondents said their confidence increases if their partner noises. Meanwhile, 87 percent admitted that they deliberately silent partner more "greng".The woman turned out to be more noisy in bed than men. Of the women surveyed 1,000 respondents, about 94 percent said they did not hesitate to pull out the voice during sex expression. About 7 out of 10 men also admitted their partner speak louder.There is a reason why more expressive sound womanhood. This is because they experience orgasm more intense. The nerves in the clitoris wider than a man's penis so that the perceived stimuli women will be more severe.Even so according to sexology expert Tracey Coy, quite a lot of women who feel the need to speak out to show they enjoy sex."Because women tend to fake orgasm more often than men, it is like there is a 'duty' to prove to her partner that they enjoy the sex session," said Coy.He also does not agree that the more noise means more to enjoy sex. "There are couples who make love without sound, but that does not mean they do not enjoy it. This concerns the habits of each individual," he said.