Reducing Salt Can Prevent Cancer

Reducing Salt Can Prevent Cancer - A food diet with high in salt is not only trigger hypertension, heart disease and stroke, but it also causes cancer. Reducing intake of foods containing high salt is known to reduce the risk of gastric cancer.
Sodium is actually required by the body to function, but in small amounts. Sodium is known to be important for maintaining fluid balance, muscle strength and nerve function.
According to the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF), each year found 6,000 cases of gastric cancer in the UK. An estimated 14 percent of these cases could be prevented if they want to reduce your intake of salt or sodium.
Recommended salt intake is six grams per day, or about one teaspoon. But most people consume at least 8.6 grams of salt per day.
“Gastric cancer is difficult to treat with thoroughly because most cases can only be found when stage further. Therefore prevention is keys,” said Kate Mendoza, head of information WCRF.
He explained that the salt needs to be aware of additional salt are not included in the diet, but salt that is already in the food. For example, bacon, sausages, canned food, ready to eat cereals, flavorings, to spaghetti sauce.