Protein Diet Dangerous for Kidney

A high protein diet usually recommended for people who want to lose weight and build muscle, muscle, however, nutritionists from Danone Research International, Liliana Jimenez, says the diet is actually harmful to the kidneys. “High protein levels in the body will harm the kidneys,” Liliana said at a press conference in Jakarta World Kidney Day.
He explained that the kidneys of people who do this type of diet will work extra hard to filter out the rest of the protein in the body before it was issued in the form of urine. “The kidneys filter out too much of the rest of the protein, kidney have to work harder, while the water needed by the kidneys become less because they are absorbed protein,” says Liliana.
It is also delivered medical specialist in internal medicine faculty of medicine-RSCM, Dr.dr. Parlindungan Siregar SpPD.KGH. He said that the more protein the kidneys removed, the kidney function will also be faster decline.
High-protein dieters consume more meat or other similar proteins, but often forget about carbohydrates, fiber and fluid intake the body needs. As a result, the body becomes weak due to the lack of carbohydrates. Guts also hoard more fat because of a lack of fiber intake and incidence of dehydration due to too high levels of protein in the body.