Facts About Breasts

Facts About Breasts

Facts About Breasts - Human men and women have the same breast. However, only female breasts are more attractive. Because in addition to arouse sexual desire, breast also symbolizes beauty and femininity.

Here are some interesting facts about breasts:

1. Left breast bigger
Although the mountain looks like a twin, but the big right breast and the left are not really the same. Usually left breast are bigger than the right. Nipple at the top of any breast varies among women with one another.

2. Hair on the areola
Every woman seems to have hair in areolanya. Indeed, hair is not thick, just 2-15 strands. The darker the skin color, hair around the areola was getting dark. Besides breast can also get blackheads and pimples like face, so keep these breasts.

3. Breast average weight 0.5 Kg
The average breast weighs 0.5 kg. Each breast contributes about 4-5 percent body fat and contributes 1 percent of the total weight of the body of a woman. When parents get older, fatter breast can. Saggy breasts will also now old woman. For women smokers, saggy breasts also easier.

4. More than 2 Million Women Have Fake Breasts
Apparently not all women with breast owned. Some of them want more plump breasts so willing to do the implantation. Pamela Anderson and Katie Price are two of the more than 2 million women who make over her breasts.
However, not all women are satisfied with the results of plastic surgery on her breasts know.

5. Enlarged breasts When Aroused
When aroused, breasts often enlarged because of tightening.

6. Like Breasts Not Shaken
Various sports activities such as jogging, brisk walking, or aerobics will make your breasts jiggling. It is sometimes uncomfortable, and in some cases could hurt the shocks in the breast nipples. Therefore use the appropriate bra to avoid shocks so you can reduce the pain in the breast.

7. Breast forms can be changed
Breasts can change shape due to wrong sleeping position. Often blamed for sleep prone to cause changes in breast shape. Therefore, consider your sleeping position to maintain the firmness and shape of your breasts. Best sleeping position for the breast is to lean over and use a pillow to support it.