Effect of Masturbation on Testosterone Hormone

Not a few men who masturbate regularly, especially if they can not get satisfaction from sex session. Although not a direct influence, but remained masturbation affect testosterone levels.

Low levels of testosterone in men can cause a variety of disorders, both physically and psychologically. Including the reduction in body hair, erection problems, decreased muscle mass, to fertility problems.

There are many factors that cause a decrease in testosterone levels. Learn about the effects of masturbation on the level of this male hormone.

Hormonal cycle
According to a study published in the Journal of Zhejiang University, ejaculation resulting from the masturbation will disrupt hormonal cycles. Ejaculation followed by absent for 6 days will cause testosterone levels at day 7 increased rapidly, up 146 percent.

Level up
A study in 2010 states, testosterone levels will increase during intercourse or masturbation. However, other studies have shown that testosterone levels are slightly higher after masturbating, especially in young men.

Lowering testosterone levels
According to an article written in the site Ask Men, men who masturbate daily have less testosterone level that they desire to make love come dim.