How To Build Six Pack Abs In Minimal Time

six pack abs

With everybody looking for a faster way to get fitter, there is an abundance of misleading information in the fitness industry cashing in on those who are looking to discover how to lose weight quickly. It's not unusual to hear people claiming they can teach you how to get a six pack in 3 minutes per day, or help you build muscle in one hour per week. Like most industries, hype is dominant in health and fitness.

Fortunately, there are some good ways to achieve quick results.

When it comes to training your midsection there is a wealth of misinformation which tends to serve very little purpose, other than holding people back. Most people find it difficult to focus on something when they have five other sources telling them to do things differently. This is a common problem in the fitness industry, leading many people to quit on themselves due to frustration.

Try telling a work friend that you're attempting to get in shape and you'll hear countless different opinions on what you should do, most of which go against what the last person told you to do. You could let that confuse you or you could simply see it for what it is. There is more than one way to get in shape, it's as simple as that.

While each exercise routine must be specific to your body, the basics of fitness remain the same for all of us.

The three movements in this workout are designed to not only strengthen your abs but also toughen the areas around it. By strengthening the muscles around your stomach you will notice that results come far easier. This workout only takes three minutes, but you'll earn your results.

* Body Weight Mountain Climber

* Crunches with knees at ninety degrees

* Plank Variation (instead of being on your forearms and wrists you'll be elevated up onto your hands in the push-up starting position)

Each move is performed with high intensity for 30 seconds. This session is based around your efforts, so try to cut down rest between exercises to as little as possible or none at all providing you can physically handle it. In doing so, your heart rate will be elevated and allow you to burn off more calories at an express rate. Two rounds of this circuit will only take three minutes, with the option of a third round for those who are more experienced with circuit training.

Short intense bursts of activity like this are excellent for fast results. The main issue most people have with abdominal workouts is that they take too long, doing endless repetitions on sit-up machines to no avail. There are four big factors behind why this type of session is effective:

* By focusing on an equipment free session you allow yourself to never skip a session due to the fact that it can be performed in any environment.

* Providing you have a shower at work, you could literally do this in the office due to the tiny amount of time it takes from beginning to end.

* If fat loss is your goal the high intensity exercise is excellent. By elevating your heart rate you'll be able to work harder and faster. Plus, your metabolism will be kick-started for the next 16 hours, which means you'll burn calories at an increased level for the rest of the day following this short burst of activity.

* One big area of failure with abdominal training is boredom. It's dull doing sit-up after sit-up. In order to get results from anything in life you need to enjoy what you are doing in the first place.

By learning the principles of how to lose weight and maintain it, then applying the principles of high intensity interval training to your fitness routine, you will indeed be able to discover how to get a six pack in 3 minutes with a core strengthening workout such as the example given to you today.