This Woman Orgasm 100 times A Day

Kim Ramsey (44), a nurse from Hitchin, Hertfordshire, England, orgasms 100 times a day is not a performance but a curse.While many women pretend orgasm during sex, or some other hard to reach it, she was actually able to orgasm up to 100 times a day.For Kim Ramsey (44), a nurse from Hitchin, Hertfordshire, England, orgasms 100 times a day is not a performance but a curse. Kim suffers from persistent genital arousal syndrome disorder (PGAD). A syndrome which makes constantly feel aroused.Imagine, a little hip movement she saw on the train, car, or while doing household chores can spark passion. Doctors said Kim suffered tremendously as a result of the accident now in 2001. At that time she fell down the stairs. This event may cause tarlov cyst on his back, was also at the point where the female orgasm is derived."Another woman might ask how can achieve orgasm. But I asked how to stop it," said Kim.Because too often aroused, Kim often feel tired and sick. Kim is also difficult to have a relationship like normal people. Ever in 2008 when he moved to Montclair, New Jersey, he has a girlfriend. While having sex with her lover, she constantly orgasm for four days.Kim and her boyfriend has tried many ways to stop Kim passion. Squatting, deep breathing, even sitting on top of frozen peas. Unfortunately, Kim effort was fruitless. Orgasm and sexual arousal continues to surge for 36 hours."At that time, I have an orgasm to 200 times. Felt sick and exhausted torture me," he says.Kim is now dared not move away from her home. He was afraid, he was not able to control sexual desire that can not be prevented due to appear at any time. He felt he had no control of his body again."Imagine if you suddenly aroused for no reason, or on a train ride and a little way up and down, it can also make you horny. Was happening to me. During a 40 minute ride on the train, I had to bite my lip and stand idly by while hoping no one sees me horny middle, "he said.Sexual medicine expert from Imperial College in London, Dr. David Goldmeier, said that genital arousal disorder is a newly recognized condition. Patients will complain of the long period he was stimulated even without intercourse.PGAD syndrome will make the sufferer aroused for hours or even days without being asked and difficult to stop. Cysts tarlov PGAD suspected as the cause, said Goldmeier, still debated by experts. Cysts that form the spine is often linked to events PGAD the recent relatively high among women."Tarlov cyst can cause problems in the pelvic nerve, also triggers genital disorder-like syndrome PGAD. There were 20 women per year undergo this condition. Maybe 1 out of 100 women experienced, we just do not know," he said.