5 Facts to Know about Masturbation

masturbation fact 
Until the 20th century, masturbation is still regarded as a deviant activity. Notion of shame and sin is already embedded, although health experts have agreed that masturbation causes no physical or mental harm.

Naturally, if the topic is always interesting to be discussed openly, so sometimes it was a cause misunderstanding about the effects of masturbation. To answer all the misconceptions that are already trusted, Dr A.Chakravarthy, President of the International Association of Sexual Medicine suggests some facts related to the health of masturbation.1. Masturbation does not cause blindnessMasturbation is a normal method of sexual activity for both men and women. So it will not cause blindness or other health problems. Masturbation has nothing to do with the loss of the body's sensory organs and is a sexual activity that is completely safe.2. Many couples often masturbated after marriageIt's true. Masturbation does not cause health conditions, but if you do it excessively can be classified as addicts. To stop it you may need the help of sexologists.3. Top Five myths about masturbationThere are so many myths and misconceptions about masturbation, even in a civilized society. Many people have a misconception thinking that masturbation can cause a number of the following conditions:- Blindness- Infertility (infertility)- Sexual Weakness- Weight loss and reduction in organ size- Decreased libido4. Female masturbation no trouble reaching orgasm during intercourseThis is because the mechanism of the female orgasm is more complex than men. Lack of stimulation and improper sexual technique usually triggers why women do not experience orgasm.5. What is the maximum limit to masturbate?There is no research that shows the safety limit to masturbate. It depends on each individual. Average about 3-7 times a week.