How To Get The Most Out Of An Antioxidant Supplement

It can be hard to get enough antioxidants through the day, because you need to make sure that you are eating all the right foods. For people who are very busy, or those who otherwise just want to make sure that they are getting enough of these antioxidants so that they can reap the full benefits, such as prevent fine lines and other signs of aging, and the prevention of various health problems, then there is always the option of just taking an antioxidant dietary supplement.

There have been much debate about the effectiveness of an antioxidant supplement
compared to food sources high in antioxidants and rightly so, there is much to think about when making this comparison.

To take or not to take

A supplement will be much easier to take than to try and eat all the foods you require on a daily basis to gain the full benefit offered by antioxidants. Busy people that rarely find time to eat, find it much easier to take a supplement than sitting down for five servings of vegetables and fruits every day.

The problem with replacing food with supplements is that whilst you are getting enough of the nutrient that you are replacing. You are missing out on all the other nutrients that food contain, nutrients your body needs to stay healthy.

The best thing to do is to take an antioxidant supplement and maintain a healthy diet. This is not always possible but unarguably the best thing to do. By adding the supplement to your healthy diet you will also not have to eat as much food as you would have had to if you were not taking the supplement.

Talk to your doctor about finding the right supplement. They will be able to explain in detail the health benefits and use of the different types available.

By Kerry Welsh