Most Asked Massage Therapy Questions

If this is your very first massage, you might have some massage therapy questions. That's perfectly normal in this situation. If you are finally planning to go for your first massage, you may want to make a list of all those questions running through your mind relating to massage therapy. Then, when you call the center for an appointment, ask to speak to someone who can answer all your questions.

The massage studio that takes the time to reply to your massage therapy questions will also be more than happy to take the necessary time to ensure your comfort while you are receiving your massage.

One of the most often asked massage therapy questions is this: Do I have to get completely naked? Though a lot of people do undress completely for a full body massage, others choose to remain in their underwear. Tell your massage therapist if you are having any anxiety about taking off your clothing, and they will do what they can in order to accommodate your needs.

What kind of things can I do during my massage? The fact is that many people will doze off or nap during their massage. For many people, the only real relaxation time they get is during their massage. You're not required to do anything, so if you want to fall asleep, or simply listen to music while enjoying the massage, it's perfectly fine. If you'd like, you can also engage in conversation with your therapist, just as you would a hair stylist. Feel free to ask specific massage therapy questions, or chat about whatever comes to mind.

Can I specifically ask for a male or female massage therapist? This is another frequently asked massage therapy question. Many folks prefer a certain gender for a massage therapist. Some people don't feel comfortable with a massage therapist of the opposite sex, while some feel equally uncomfortable with a massage therapist of the same gender. You can ask for either gender when you make your appointment.

Sufferers of chronic pain also have things they especially like, but their preferences are not all alike. Therapists who are men usually have larger hands and can apply stronger pressure over a bigger area and some people find this to be of help for their particular ailments. Conversely, women massage therapists have hands that are smaller and narrower and can apply pressure in more precise places which makes other people feel better.

Go over any questions you may have about massage therapy with your therapist. Your comfort is the most important factor. Tell your therapist if anything feels uncomfortable or if you experience any pain during your massage. The only way to get answers to your massage therapy questions is to ask your therapist.

By Jim John