Don't Expect to Stay With Your Current Weight Loss Plan

There are more people than you think out there that are just like you. These people are overweight and exhausted from trying worthless diet and exercise programs. At first, the diet is easy, but then it becomes a burden to maintain. Once again, you feel guilty and upset because you have failed at yet another diet attempt.

Are you one of these people? Are you curious as to why you aren't able to stick with your weight loss plan? You are not alone, many other people feel this way. Many factors can explain why you are not able to stick to your weight plan. I hope this article will help you do just that.

Maybe your program failed you simply because it wasn't a good program. When you go on a radical diet, you are sure to fizzle out at some point because it's just too off the wall to sustain. Eating nothing but cantaloupe, or doing some bizarre exercise routine for two hours a day, just isn't possible long-term. You've got to choose an exercise and diet program you can stick with for your entire life if you want to keep weight off for good.

A lack of support from family and friends causes many to quit their diets. Maybe your family and friends didn't provide the support you needed in order to say no to that bite of rich dessert. It could be possible that your friends had no faith in you or your diet. A fact of life is the fact that support is critical when focusing on weight loss. Try joining a weight loss group with others that are in the same situation, or consider hiring a personal trainer that will keep you motivated towards your goals.

You could have been dieting incorrectly while exercising too much, or even dieting without doing a single exercise routine. The results you expected didn't happen and led you to quit what you were doing and loose focus. Both diet and exercise are a necessary combination when doing a workout program in order to lose weight. No matter what plan, program, or diet you choose, you must combine a balance of diet and exercise.

You may not have seen the results you wanted due to your own impatience. It takes time for your body to adapt to a new lifestyle. It could take several weeks before you see any weight loss. Your body is hard to change, so you have to force it to change and be alert by sticking with your diet and exercise plan. If you stay patient with a good plan, you are sure to see results.

A final reason for you to quit your weight loss program could be that you lacked a bona fide commitment. It is impossible to begin a new lifestyle with only half the motivation. Diet and exercise plans require full mental commitment. You will find yourself taking shortcuts around your diet and become frustrated when the scale goes up not down. Personally commit to this workout plan from day 1 and don't look back. Remember that if you continue to do what you always did then you will get what you always got.

It turns out that the weight loss secret really isn't a secret at all. It's the truth that we always knew: eating right and regularly exercising will help us lose weight. There are no shortcuts to getting healthy or trim. That's it. there's no simple "fat loss 4 idiots" cure. So find a program that you enjoy and can sustain. When it includes a balance of a sensible diet and exercise you'll be there in no time.

By Erin Upshaw