Raise Hdl Cholesterol - A Commonsense Approach

When your doctor hands you the result that you have high cholesterol levels, you must change your lifestyle to reduce your cholesterol, you should also be striving to raise HDL cholesterol levels in your blood. When cholesterol is elevated, the HDL cholesterol has been proven to decrease the LDL cholesterol that is bad and help you prevent the problems that come with having a high cholesterol number.

Patients with an inadequate level of HDL cholesterol have a greater chance of
getting heart disease since it is believed that the HDL cholesterol takes away cholesterol transported to the arteries by LDL cholesterol and brings it to the liver. When the good cholesterol levels are insufficient the bad cholesterol will increase excessively and could cause hardened arteries or even a blockage. To eliminate this risk, you would need to raise HDL cholesterol levels.

Understanding your food habits is the initial step your doctor will use to control your cholesterol levels. A nutrition expert will be able to give you advice on a diet plan that will assist in lowering your LDL cholesterol and at the same time raise HDL cholesterol. Such a diet plan will consist of low fat, lean protein and vegetables and fruits that provide a lot of nutrients.

You should do plenty of research and plan out a fun, easy exercise routine targeted to reduce excess weight and bad cholesterol. This will help you to raise HDL cholesterol and thus help to unclog your arteries. Daily attention to your health, by way of proper diet and exercise, can result in a decrease in your risk of most forms of heart disease.

Once you switch over to low fat diet and regular exercise, teach this healthy living technique to the whole family. By this you will not only be maintaining your own health, but will also help in maintaining the good health of all your family members. A healthy diet is not always easy to follow, but once you get used to it, it's a piece of cake (low fat of course!). By being a role model for your children, you will be helping them safeguard their health. This will play an important role in their future health also. Teaching your children to eat healthier foods makes plenty of sense.

There is a whole lot of information available about how you can alter the way you live your life to take care of your health problems. You should find several cookbooks that will show you how to cook great tasting meals that are good for your heart. A lot of the recipes will let you know to what extent you raise HDL cholesterol and decrease LDL cholesterol at the same time.

If you are able to lower your cholesterol level with the foods that you consume and some light exercise, then there is a good chance you won't need to take medication to remedy your cholesterol reading. However, remember that a diet plan alone may not be sufficient to lower bad cholesterol and raise HDL cholesterol concurrently. Depending on your particular circumstances it may be prudent to take medication in conjunction with the other methods. Ultimately this decision will be up to you and your doctor who can make a decision based on your unique circumstances.

By Adrian Fletcher