How to Successfully Lose Weight For Good

If you want to know how to successfully lose weight and stay healthy for life, below are 5 easy steps to help you lose the weight -

1. So many people like the idea of learning and reading about the most talked about diet plan but never put any of the techniques into practice. They become fairly knowledgeable about weight loss and know how many calories the most popular foods contain. What they fail to do however, is put to use that information. Instead, they buy another diet book because the first one didn't work. In other words, just do it. However, if you are just starting out, don't complicate yourself with tonnes of information. Start off simple and keep it simple - as you progress gain more knowledge.

2. Eat small meals regularly, say 6 mini meals, and ensure you are eating enough. By eating more often and in controlled portions, you can control the cravings. Just ensure you fill your plate with plenty of fiber, protein and healthy fat. Don't get into the habit of eating too little - this will cause your metabolic rate to drop so steer clear of diets that advocate eating less than 1200 calories per day. You may lose a lot of weight whilst on these but most of it will be muscle mass and water weight, not fat - and it's the fat you want rid of!

3. Don't do the same exercises over and over - mix it up or you will lose your motivation. When losing weight, your body responds great at first, but as it gets used to the same routine, it stops responding as much because your body doesn't need to work as hard to do the motions. So mix it up with interval training, and vary the workouts every month. Best yet, try outdoor sports like tennis, biking, soccer and basketball. Anything that makes your body work in a different way is more likely to burn more calories.

4. Never compare yourself to others. Each of us is a unique individual with our own unique genetic make up which controls some of our weight gain, weight loss and even how our muscles respond to training. Don't rate your accomplishments according to the achievements of others; instead continue at your own pace and your own goals. If you try too hard you simply set yourself up to fail.

5. Meal planning and time management are key components of creating a healthy eating plan. Hence, plan your meals in advance each week. This will help you avoid impulse purchases at the grocery store that may not support your commitment to healthy eating. Plan your grocery list consisting of products that are low in fat like lean meat, skinless chicken and fish, fresh or frozen fruits and veggies, healthy nuts for snacking, low-fat dairy products and plenty of whole grains (whole wheat pasta, legumes, brown rice). Better still, include plenty of high-fiber foods in your daily diet, as fiber has been shown to fuel your body with great nutrition and keep you full longer.

The key to fat loss is, be organised, eat sensibly and be active. And if you have, get a network of support going. For example, hire a personal trainer or get a friend to workout with you. All the simple things can add up to bigger results.

By Jas Oh
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