Asthma and Exercise

The road to controlling the effects of asthma and its symptoms is not an easy one to follow. The regime will include, sometimes, daily doses of medication and meticulous preparation for the next attack, so as to reduce its severity.

If you are unfortunate enough to suffer from asthma, you know how hard it is to find the proper treatment that will work for you, and not many are lucky enough to have found ways to eliminate their asthma related symptoms.

Combining medicines with a holistic approach is the norm and in fact, no two asthmatics will be found using the same means to cure their symptoms. However, a suitable option in curing asthma is to try the natural solutions such as exercise for asthma.

There are many different exercises that an asthmatic can utilize, some may not be suitable or work for individuals, but there will be some that will help alleviate your symptoms. It will be a matter of trial and error, but be assured there will be one that will help.

Experts agree that the main benefit of exercise for asthma is that it helps open up the bronchial tubes and thus provides long-lasting relief to the sufferer. After exercise symptoms should not be as bad as what they were prior to performing the specified exercise for asthma.

Natural is Best

Aerobics is considered a worthwhile exercise for asthma, walking and even dancing are also good choices. Any other exercise that will increase your heart rate is also considered to be beneficial to asthma sufferers.

However, there are certain kinds of asthmatics that need to rely on those exercises for asthma in which a connection is established between the mind and body, and yoga is a prime example of what exercise for asthma should be as it allows both mind and body to relax and unite as one. In fact, there are breathing exercises taught by yoga instructors that are in fact an essential element of the exercise. These breathing techniques also require being able to hold a number of different postures while at the same time focusing on your deep breathing and focusing your mind on what you are doing.

To be clear, there is also exercise induced asthma to contend with. So before opting for a particular exercise for asthma, make sure to understand how it will affect your health and only proceed further if no risks are attached.

There is no doubt that exercise for asthma is a useful tool in combating and controlling symptoms of asthma. Your physician should always be consulted before you commence an exercise programme to combat the effects of asthma.

By Louise Servage
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