6 Fashion and Beauty Secrets to Rock Your Look Every Day

Feeling amazing about oneself is two fold: being happy with what's inside is just as important as being happy with what's outside. And there's nothing wrong with that. Taking pride in how you look and feel doesn't have to lead to extremes — smart women know that it only takes a few small fashion and beauty hacks to increase all-around confidence without going under the knife or getting a full-on makeover. Want to know the simple secrets to happiness? Read on, sister.

1. Spray Tans: Good For Bikinis, Good For Every Day


You don't have to be 50 shades darker than your natural skin tone, but evening out your current color (and giving those pale legs a boost) will help you rock your swimsuit, dresses, and skirts with confidence. Plus, jewel tones will look amazing against your brand new "tan."
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2. A Perfect Push-Up Bra For Everyday Wear is a Wardrobe Must

Fact: you don't have to be born with great d├ęcolletage. Fake it 'till you make it and go wild with a killer push-up bra that looks smooth and fab under everything. We'd like you to meet your tee's new bestie: the Victoria's Secret PINK Leopard Lace Push-Up ($32.95). Thanks to the on-trend logo elastic and comfy fit, you can wear this baby anytime, anywhere. Get a $500 Gift Card for Victoria's Secret Now! 

3. Shoe Inserts Will Keep You Cat-Walking All Night


Those 4-inch pointy-toed stilettos aren't the most comfortable shoes in the known universe, and while we agree that sometimes you must sacrifice comfort for style, there's no need to be in pain. Walk like you mean business (not like you need a walker) with shoe inserts that are made for high heels. A little extra cushion under the balls of your feet will feel like heaven after you've been standing — and strutting — around looking fabulous all day. 
4. Big Hair is a Big Win With a Big Round Brush

You know how good you feel when you have a great hair day? Get that everyday with a big round hairbrush that helps to add body from roots to tips when you're blow-drying you 'do. 
5. You Need a Signature Fragrance

 You've pretty much won at life when someone special instantly thinks of you because of a familiar scent. Find yours. Get your FREE sample of Axe Deodorant!
6. Falsies are Fantastic

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then eyelashes are the window treatments. Make yours pop (and command attention) with a set of falsies to pump up your look. Who cares if you're just going to class? Flutter those peepers with confidence. Get $100 Worth of Beauty Samples! 
source: bellasugar.com