Condoms with Unique Taste

Coctail drink caipirinhas are typical of Brazil. Beverage made from sugarcane liquor, sugar, and lime is a favorite of many people in leisure time. Now the distinctive flavors of caipirinhas are also present in the form of condoms.

During the 2014 World Cup, the football enthusiast who came to the land of samba is not only able to taste the drink caipiranhas but also get it in the form of condoms. Although not official, but during the World Cup flavored condoms caipiranhas limited circulating in Brazil.

According to NBC San Diego, within 15 days has sold 864,000 units caipirhanas flavored condoms. Condoms are yellow and green is apparently also selling bought as a souvenir of the football grand party.

Besides condoms with flavor caipiranhas, there are actually different types of condoms unique flavor.

- Chocolate
Because almost all women like chocolate

- Bananas
Not just a banana-like shape, a condom is also flavored bananas.

- Organic Wild Berry
Not wanting to miss the trend of organic food, there are also manufacturers that make condoms condoms with organic wild berry flavors. Guaranteed free of pesticides.

- Garlic
It is unique because not everyone actually likes the smell of garlic, especially when being intimate berintim.

- The smell of durian
Condoms with durian aroma is usually preferred by Asians.

- Smoke Meat

Not only has a smell like bacon, the manufacturer also makes these condoms have a color exactly like bacon.