Effective Natural Remedies For Common Illnesses

It doesn't matter how healthy you are, there will come a time when you get sickly. Throughout their lifetime, people encounter a number of common health problems, which turn out to be a big medical expense. The good news for lots of individuals is that there are numerous natural cures for those who would consider an alternative. Go through this article and you'll learn a few of the natural home remedies that are used for some typical conditions.

Asthma has become more prevalent nowadays, in part because of pollution and other environmental factors. The trachea and bronchial tubes typically become inflamed, and also blocked with mucus. We often take breathing for granted, but when the airways are clogged, this vital function instantly becomes challenging. Swelling could be decreased by taking vitamins B6 and B12, and vitamin C will fight the problem. The herb ginkgo biloba could also help to reduce the occurrence of asthma attacks. Some teas can also be helpful at reducing congestion -mullein oil is an excellent one to use for this purpose. You might also notice that many over-the-counter anti-decongestants have caffeine -so this is yet another remedy for any kind of congestion. A fever is when the temperature of the body rises, which is fairly typical in young children. Unless it is dangerously high, a fever isn't a terrible sign, since it means the body is fighting off a virus or bacteria and you need rest.

You could treat ear infections and help reduce them by taking vitamin C and zinc. You can also clean your ears with colloidal silver or take it orally, along with taking alcohol-free Echinacea, when the infection first strikes. Should you get the flu, the trick is to start treating it as quickly as possible -take Vitamin C and zinc to begin with. Garlic is yet another good home remedy for the flu, and colloidal silver could also work. If you wish to prepare a therapeutic tea for this, combine ginger root, bayberry bark and cayenne powder. The natural remedy gelsemium is recommended for aches and pains, chills, unusual thirst and chills. For about 4 hours, you can take catnip tea and lobelia tincture if you have a high fever. Cat's claw is one other herb that will help you fight off the flu.

The common cold is among the most typical ailments of all. All you need is plenty of liquids to drink and lots of rest, especially when it is a simple cold. Some symptoms could be alleviated by aspirin or other pain killers, and gargling with warm water and sea salt can help also. With so much tension in the world, lots of people have severe headaches brought on by the stress. The pain could be felt in the shoulders and neck. A healthy lifestyle, including physical exercise, enough rest and a good diet are helpful if you wish to reduce the occurrence of headaches.

Plenty of problems could be solved by going to your kitchen cabinets, rather than rushing off to the doctor. Honey and lemon, garlic and apple cider vinegar are some things you must always have on hand. Given that they deal with the source of the ailment, use natural cures.

And now, you may also want to include natural herbal remedies and supplements to improve your overall health.